【End of pre-order】Mermaid doll modeling leisure card

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◎ Authorized by Mr. HH, a popular illustrator in Taiwan

◎ Taiwan is limited to 6000 sets, no more will be added when sold out, all have authorized laser labels

◎ Bottom Chip Sensing

※Estimated delivery date: in June this year, according to the order number will be delivered successively

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✨A total of 600 sets of limited signature models✨

Random winning rate plus 50%

Full 10 groups (2 orders)

Guaranteed access to a limited set of signature packs

Mermaid doll modeling leisure card

Who said mermaids can only be white and thin?

This time I want to be a sweet and spicy mermaid ꔛ☆*゚⋆ ⁑⋆︎

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of HH's original character "Meimei"

Appeared for the first time with the limited shape of the Year of the Rabbit, showing the most beautiful appearance 💜

※The shells and transparent cover in the picture are shooting props, not the actual delivery content.

✦The first Meimei three-dimensional modeling Easy Card ticket in Taiwan

✦2023 Year of the Rabbit limited "rabbit ears" + "mermaid" stunning appearance

✦Signature meaty appearance and dreamy pink and purple color matching, full of healing feeling

✦Traveling in the underwater world with Meimei, let's have a dreamy trip!

🌸Traveling the horizon of "beauty"🌸

🔍Appreciate the angle of "beauty"🔎

🌹Experience the "beautiful" life🌹

product details

Name: Beautiful mermaid doll modeling leisure card

Card components: plastic, chip, antenna

Size: about 84mm high


1. The product shown in the picture is only a prototype, and there may be a slight difference from the final product. The details of the product are subject to change without prior notice.

2. This product is mass-produced, and part of it is artificially colored, so there may be individual differences in the final product, which is not within the scope of defective returns.

3. The props that appear in the real photos are not within the scope of this pre-order, please use the actual products as the main products.

4. The arrival time of the goods may be advanced or delayed, please refer to the actual delivery time for details.

5. Products on this platform are not suitable for children under 3 years old, and attention should be paid to sharp objects and avoid swallowing and suffocation by young children.

6. In order to protect your rights and interests, please place an order and checkout separately for spot goods and pre-ordered goods.

7. Since the product is a limited-time pre-order, please understand the product label before placing an order. After the pre-order is over, the order will not be canceled.

8. Due to the size limitation of this product, a single order is limited to five pieces. If a single order exceeds five pieces, the platform will automatically cancel the order and send a notification. If you need to order, please place a new order.