Baishatun Mazu Pink Supercar Miniature Building Blocks

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Product information

⊙Gongtian Palace in Baishatun officially authorized Gongtian Palace Officially authorized name: Gong Grant 111-011

⊙The mikoshi can be transformed into two scene modes of entering the incense road team and benching the sedan chair

⊙Each set of miniature building blocks will pass through the incense burner before shipment to ensure safety

Designed and manufactured by MIT Taiwan

⊙Contents : Including Mikoshi building block combination X1, sedan chair lifter building block combination X5, sedan chair long bench building block combination X2, flower and bird pattern transfer stickers X2 group, miniature building block special glue X1. A total of 566PCS (additional 10% spare particles)

Applicable age: over 8 years old

※Due to the limitation of logistics volume, a single order is limited to 5 sets, and another order is required for the 6th set.


Awaited! The pink supercar is coming🌪

In May of this year, many Matsu fans in Baishatun knocked on the bowl of the Be Come True fan to make a wish for the pink supercar miniature sedan chair. We turned it into miniature building blocks!

❰Taiwan 's most personalized Matsu sedan chair☆Baishatun Matsu pink supercar miniature building blocks❱
Lead the footsteps of thousands of people to move forward together. Interesting hand-made building block combination can be freely transformed into two modes. Super Q, super cute, fun and interactive miniature building blocks. Move your own small hands full of sense of accomplishment, let you have a pocket wherever you go The pink super running team accompany in life❤

[Mazu pilgrimage in Baishatun is mainly led by the miraculous sedan chair. The four-person miraculous sedan chair carried by Mazu in Baishatun is the core of the entire pilgrimage team, which affects the hearts of every incense burner and leads the entire pilgrimage team to Beigang for pilgrimage]

🔸The mini Jinxiang road team is cute and critical, this time it's up to you to decide where to go🚩

product details

Name: Baishatun Matsu Pink Supercar Miniature Building Blocks

Material: ABS plastic

Mikoshi size: about 145mm in length X about 40mm in width X about 90mm in height