▼Commodity Notes

1. The product shown in the picture is only a prototype, and there may be a slight difference from the final product. The details of the product are subject to change without prior notice.

2. This product is mass-produced, and part of it is artificially colored, so there may be individual differences in the final product, which is not within the scope of defective returns.

3. The props that appear in the real photos are not within the scope of this pre-order, please use the actual products as the main products.

4. The arrival time of the goods may be advanced or delayed, please refer to the actual delivery time for details.

5. Products on this platform are not suitable for children under 3 years old, and attention should be paid to sharp objects and avoid swallowing and suffocation by young children.

6. In order to protect your rights and interests, please place an order and checkout separately for spot goods and pre-ordered goods.

7. Since the product is a limited-time pre-order, please understand the product label before placing an order. After the pre-order is over, the order will not be canceled.

8. Be Come True reserves the right to change or explain all activities on the platform.

9. If you do not pick up the package and need to resend it for the second time, you need to remit the shipping fee of 60-150 yuan (according to the charging standard of different products) to: Bank Code: 822 China Trust / Bank Account Number: 4955-4061-4383 Account Name: Xinyi Co., Ltd., please join the official LINE@ to tell the customer service to process the second delivery after making up the remittance.

▼shipping policy

1. The shipping day is Monday to Friday, and the supermarket is Monday to Friday as the shipping day

2. Shipping method: Supermarket pick-up (7-11)
Please fill in the full real name when placing an order, and pay attention to the arrival text message and pick up the goods within seven days after arrival. Please do not fail to pick up the goods without reason; if there is any loss of freight, the customer will absorb it by himself

In-stock items will be shipped within 7 to 10 working days after the order is placed.

Pre-ordered products Pre-ordered products will be shipped in order according to the expected release date, and the actual arrival time will depend on the delivery time.

3. Precautions:
(1) After the order is placed and the payment is completed, the order cannot be canceled by itself. Please contact customer service to change the name, address, or product content.
(2) In case of irresistible factors (ex. natural disasters, epidemics), or during the Lunar New Year period or consecutive holidays, the actual arrival time will be based on the announcement on the website.
(3) In order to speed up your receipt of the goods, it is recommended to place separate orders for spot goods and pre-ordered goods.
※The above are all working days

▼Return Policy

1. Seven-day appreciation period

2. We will carefully check the product before shipment. If you accidentally receive a defective product, please take a photo of the defective area within seven days, and contact us by private message E-mail/Line, and provide us with the orderer's name and If the order number is confirmed as defective, we will help you return/exchange the goods back and forth.

3. The returned product must be returned to its original state, which means it must be returned to the original state when you received the product. Please keep the product intact, no peculiar smell, no human-caused dirt, keep it in its original state, and send the package before the expiration date. If there are any of the above points, the exchange and return service will not be accepted.

4. For combined products, all products must be returned together, and partial product returns will not be accepted.

5. Partial return orders: For orders that were originally free of shipping, if the total order amount minus the amount of the returned item does not meet the free shipping threshold, the actual refund amount will be deducted from the shipping fee.

6. In case of free shipping, the refund amount will be deducted from the shipping fee.

7. If the electronic invoice has been obtained, the electronic invoice will be invalidated after we receive the returned goods.


Contact information for return and exchange

Official customer service mailbox: service.becometrue@gmail.com

Official Customer Service Line: @becometrue