Metal Slug 2 tank modeling card

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Product information

◎All-in-one card ticket with full three-dimensional shape

◎Authorized by Japanese game company SNK (called Vietnam War 2 in Taiwan)

◎Bottom chip sensing

◎The first wave of pre-orders sold out in less than a week.

※Due to the limitation of logistics volume, a single order is limited to 5 pieces, and another order is required for the sixth piece.

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Metal Slug 2 tank modeling card

Metal Slug 2, which was launched in 1998, is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary!
With a special and lovely art style and easy-to-use gameplay,
Once popular in the streets and alleys of Taiwan,
It is a classic arcade game in the memory of sixth and seventh graders.

The popular arcade work "Metal Slug 2" in the 1990s
Taiwanese players are also known as "Vietnam War 2"

Accompanying the sixth and seventh grade students in Taiwan at the door of the supermarket,
Or linger in the small room in the "Orange Shop".

Insert coins again and again to continue the level,
Just to hear the phrase "Heavy Machine Gun (Heavy Machine Gun)"!

product details

Product Name: Metal Slug 2 tank modeling card

Material: plastic (light curing resin)

Dimensions: Width about 56mm X Depth about 43mm X Height about 40mm

※When using this product as a 3D printing model, please be careful not to press or bend it