【Pre-Order】Metal Slug 2-Stereo Sound H Ammo Box Card

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✦ Press "H" to say "Heavy machine gun!"

✦ A limited edition 25th anniversary commemorative coin will be given for every 5 orders

✦ Limited time and limited quantity, while stocks last

✦ Authorized by Japan SNK

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Metal Slug Stereo Sound H Ammunition Box Card

Popular arcade game "Metal Slug 2" marks its 25th anniversary

Restore the classic H ammo box graphics

The original sound of Heavy Machine Gun comes out at the touch of a button

Equipped with a super convenient one-card function, listening to the nostalgic lines

Experience the joy of conquering ruins and entering alien bases again!

✦ Expected to ship in the third quarter of 2023 (July-September)✦

🔊The talking card is here🔊

👾 Restore the classic pixel shape

🎶Heavy Machine Gun prop sound effect Press the button to make a sound

▲The sound effect is only sounded when manually pressed, and there is no sound when it is sensed

⭐ Free shipping for groups of 5 or more, plus a 25th anniversary commemorative coin!

▲Orders of less than 5 pieces will be given randomly

⏰Limited time limit, while stocks last

H bomb in hand, endless fun

✨25th anniversary commemorative gold coins for full 5 groups

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Material: plastic (light curing resin)

Dimensions: 58mm X 23mm X 55mm

※When using this product as a 3D printing model, please be careful not to press or bend it

※This product contains a battery, which cannot be replaced. For questions about the function of the card, please contact the customer service of the card (07) 7912000

※Due to the limitation of logistics volume, a single order is limited to 5 pieces, and another order is required for the sixth piece