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Size: H*15 x W*11.7 x D*6.6cm

◎ Color: white

◎ Material: PVC

▣ 25% of the sale price of this series of products will be donated to the Foundation for Stray Animals to help more stray animals

※ Due to the limitation of logistics volume, a single order is limited to 4 pieces. From the 5th piece, another order is required. If the total number of orders is 4 pieces, you can enjoy a free shipping discount.


FORBIDDEN FRUIT Season II continues the concept of Huang Hongsheng's planning and thinking - starting from the forbidden fruit, exploring and weaving stories about unknown and mysterious fields. Creatures, touching the purple forbidden fruit for the first time, are like dreams and illusions, like a waltz, explaining that life is constantly circling between gain and loss until it returns peacefully.

▣ 25% of the sale price of this series of products will be donated to the Foundation for Stray Animals to help more stray animals

product details

Product Name: FORBIDDEN FRUIT® Snow Monster Doll

Material: PVC

Dimensions: height 150×width 117×depth 66mm


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2. This product is mass-produced, and part of it is artificially colored, so there may be individual differences in the final product, which is not within the scope of defective returns.

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