【Pre-Order】Little Shark Doll Travel Card

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Product information

◎Full three-dimensional modeling Easy Card ticket

Originally authorized by Momoco Studio, a popular toy designer in Taiwan

◎Back chip sensor

Pre-order time (until limited editions are sold out)

Pre-order opening date: 2022/10 /?? 12:00

Estimated release date: From April 2023, shipments will be made in order of order

The expected release date is not the arrival time, please wait patiently

※Due to the limitation of logistics volume, a single order is limited to 5 pieces, and another order is required for the sixth piece.


Baby Shark Doll Travel Card

The super cute marine life baby shark boy

Innocent and cute with a bit of a funny image

I want to accompany you who is still childlike

Get through every long and boring commute

Just look at Shark Boy

Just let you replenish your motivation for tomorrow!

Do you also love the ocean and healing creatures?

Mao Maoer, a well-known original toy designer in Taiwan, created the cutest little shark child. Although his mouth is full of fangs, he embraces a pure and kind childlike innocence and swims freely in the unknown sea fearlessly.

Little Shark Boy invites you to enter his world and take risks with him to face every challenge in life!

product details

Product Name: Little Shark Child Modeling Doll Leisure Card

Card components: plastic, chip, antenna

Size: about 73mm high