SUNDAY HOME-Yuxi Mickey (excluding international shipping/tax)

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Product information

◎Authorized by Disney

◎The size is about 15cm high

◎Using artificial stone to carve the beauty of half broken and half Yonghua

Global limited

Estimated release date: between November 2022 and December 2022, the actual arrival time depends on the official shipment

※The expected release date is not the arrival time, please wait patiently ※This product is not shipped from Taiwan, and the logistics driver will charge additional international shipping fees and import taxes when the product arrives home

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product details

Name: [Pre-order] SUNDAY HOME-Yuxi Mickey

Material: artificial stone

Size: about 7.5cm(L)×7cm(W)×15cm(H)


1. The product shown in the picture is only a prototype, and there may be a slight difference from the final product. The details of the product are subject to change without prior notice.

2. This product is mass-produced, and part of it is artificially colored, so there may be individual differences in the final product, which is not within the scope of defective returns.

3. In the process of long-distance freight transportation and handling, there will inevitably be collisions, which may occur, damage the box or damage the goods in the box.

4. The arrival time of official products may be advanced or delayed. For details, please refer to the actual delivery time.

5. Products on this platform are not suitable for children under 3 years old, and attention should be paid to sharp objects and avoid swallowing and suffocation by young children.

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7. Please understand the product label before placing an order. After the order is established, it will not be canceled.